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Daily Rants


Fuck T-Mobile.  Fuck them I say.


Alright, I’ve had a Sidekick LX for damn near two years now.  I’ve never had an issue before.  I ran a phone over with my car and they replaced it with no issue.  Now, as of the last six months, they have bent me over and fucked me hard.

Alright.  I get the shit going on with their Microsoft Danger issues.  Whatever.  That I can forgive, cause when you have a phone working with a separate provider, you have issues.  I’m seriously pissed now that I come to find out that the data on my phone is lost to the sinking abyss.  For the last six months, my voicemail, tmail, texting, applications have all worked sporadically at best.  Downright shitty at the worst.

So I do what any self respecting customer does when they have an issue like this.  I call Tmobile.  I come to find out that I’m apparently well over my minutes.  Look online and see that not only have they been screwing with my service, they’ve also fuckered up my billing beyond belief.  I’m getting charged for nights and weekends, charged for calling my favorite fives.  It’s bullshit.

So I’m not paying my bill.  Seriously.  I refuse.

I talk to them and they have the audacity to try to sell me a newer and more expensive phone and service that would wrangle me into a new contract.  Yeah, I totally want to give you douches another two years of my time and money.  Bullshit.

So I hung up and will continue on my quest tomorrow when I’m not talking to some late shift working loser.  I can’t abide this.  I’m so not going to get fucked over and stuck with a piece of shit phone that I’ll have to devote another two years of my time and money.  Hell with that.  Can you fucking hear me now?

I think I may bite the bullet and take my ass to AT&T and get one of them shiny not so new iPhones.  We’ll see.


So, after being sick for a week, throwing up and all that, I come to the conclusion that I have ulcers.  All the symptoms are there, we looked on WebMD and a bunch of other sites to see what it was that I could have before we did anything.  I talked to a few different pharmacists and found that the cause could be a bacteria called H. Pylori.  I could treat the ulcers, but if the bacteria was still there, it would continue to eat at my stomach.  So there was going to have to be at least a blood test to determine whether or not this is what it was.

Now I’m in a predicament, because the fact that I’m going through a divorce means I may or may not have insurance at this point.  And once I get the divorce, I will not have it.

I was at a loss as what to do.  I called the local Aunt Martha’s, because a friend had said that they had certain free services.  I also called around to a few clinics and urgent care offices and asked if this test could be done.  None of them had the services to do this.  Now, note, I live in the greater Chicagoland area.  If I am having this issue, I am aure that there are thousands of others out there having the same issue.  Maybe not with the same illness, but the same access to reliable and affordable care.

In the end, the pain was getting really bad, and I needed to know if I could change up from Zantac 150 to Prilosec.  I ended up sitting in the ER for roughly 7 hours to determine that my diagnosis was correct and blood was taken to see if I had the bacteria.  That’s all I wanted.  The timeliness of the care did bother me, but the fact that I had to go to the ER and will probably be billed up the ass to have my own answers confirmed pisses me off.  I made it abundantly clear to the doctor that I had zero funds for this.  Nada.  So what does he do?  Tries to get me to have an ultrasound to check for cervical cancer.

Honestly?  I’m sorry.  I would like to know if I have cervical cancer.  I’m sure every woman out there has a fear that they have a cancer growing somewhere inside of them.  And talking about a place like that is enough to worry some women into getting a test that they don’t need.  I’m sure this practice has identified a lot.  Maybe.  But when I go in with an exact problem that  I already have an idea how to treat and know exactly what test I want and make it clear that I’m broke, which is humiliating anyway, why the hell would you order me a test that I can’t possibly afford and with no basis to get in the first place?

Now if he had said that they were going to do an ultrasound to see if there were ulcers, yeah, maybe I would have gotten it.  But I complained of nothing that came close to my cervix.  I dunno.  I also refused a scan of my gall bladder; though I kept the script for it, and if the course of treatment isn’t working, in a few weeks, I’ll go and have it done.  But that was after talking the doctor into putting it on a script.  I was going to get two tests that I probably might not need.  AFTER I MADE IT CLEAR I’M BROKE.

I dunno.

But we’ll see how these test results turn out


Alright.  Why the hell am I cleaning up cases of beer bottles and cans when I went to bed last night at like 10, and can’t drink beer anyway?  Oh, that’s right.  Cause I’m the first one awake and no one else can be arsed to do it before they go to bed.

I’m getting sick of cleaning up after grown ass people.

It’s gross and my kids don’t need to be eating their breakfast at a table that looks like it’s seen a hectic night at a bar.

Ugh.  Anyway.  I want to say something, but funny thing is, everyone’s asleep in various places so even yelling is futile.


Fuck ex husbands.

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